Concept typesΒΆ

The concept types used by the API concepts call include standard named entity types as well as additional entities relevant in the domains of marketing and market research. The default concept scheme of the API works with the following concept types:

Concept type Description
organization Companies, schools, associations etc., e.g. Central Bank, Arts School
location Geographical locations, e.g. China, Moscow, Australia
person People, professions etc., e.g. Teacher, Leo Tolstoy
time Times and time expressions, e.g. April, Morning, 7:30
date Dates in YYYY-MM-DD format, e.g. 2016-05-05
brand Brands of goods and services, e.g. Apple Inc., TUI, Cartier
product Physical products, e.g. Automobile, Mobile Phone
service Non-material services, e.g. MBA, Concert, Surgery
product_model Product models of specific brands, e.g. Golf, iPhone
product_feature Product components and abstract attributes, e.g. Engine, Design, Comfort

The following concept types are currently in beta stage:

Concept type Description
food_ingredient Ingredients frequently used in food products, e.g. Rice, Sugar, Tomato
work_of_art Creative works, e.g. Symphony, Little Women
law Law concepts, e.g. Civil Law, Usage Right
marketing_concept Marketing events, materials and activities, e.g. Brand Story, Flyer, Exhibition
industry Names of industries, e.g. Finance, Automotive, IT
site Nouns denoting touristic locations, service sites etc., e.g. Airport, Lake, 4-S Store