Chinese NLP for Market Research

Anacode's Web&Text API offers data collection and analytics tailored to the Chinese web and language, allowing China-facing businesses to extract maximal value from customer and market feedback.

The API is perfectly suited for users who don't speak Chinese and want a quick, hands-on start with "native" data. Get started with your own analytics pipeline in four steps:

  1. Register for a free account and upgrade when needed.
  2. Get data - download our web data for your domain, or extract your own web data using our scraping call.
  3. Analyze - extract categories, concepts and sentiments using our Natural Language Processing.
  4. Visualize and integrate the results which are returned in English - using your own applications or our Anacode Toolkit.
A detailed documentation as well as a range of additional tools and on-premise options are available for your safe, smooth and focussed experience in the Chinese data ocean.

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